Case erectors and sealing machines

Horizontal packing machine
Defect identification system

Case/Carton erectors:

The FLD-40 is an automatic carton sealer system that erects and bottom seals corrugated cases at speeds up to 15 cases per minute. Our value-priced case erecting equipment is ideal for applications that require more throughput than manual case erecting can provide. This versatile carton erector system creates instant labor savings and increased production for a wide range of medium-speed applications. The FLD-40 carton erector is a simple, operator-friendly solution for your packaging line.

Case sealing machines:

Case sealing machines are designed to seal case with adhesive tape. These machines are ideal for packaging solutions that require fast and high quality sealing of cases after packaging. Easily integrates into packaging lines. These machines can be automatic and semi-automatic.

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