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Tell us what you are packing and we will offer the best automated solution to pack your products into the final package. Our experienced packing team of specialists - engineers will create robotized lines for picking up and placing various products (bags, various objects, bottles, etc.) to the appropriate cases. Our modular packing elements can be placed in any existing production line or integrated as a part of a full packing solution, which includes automatic case forming, product insertion, case closure, applying the label on the case, printing on the case, and robot assisted palletizing. Utilizing robots you will achieve maximum efficiency of the packing process and economic benefits.


Robotized packaging process:

1. Formation of a corrugated cardboard case;
2. Packaging of the product into film and delivery by conveyor;
3. Picking up the product and putting it in the case with a robot;
4. Automatic closing and sealing of the case;
5. Addition of the barcode or other information on the case with the printer.
6. Applying the label on the case;
7. Placing the case on the pallet;
8. Wrapping the pallet in film.

Depending on the task, our specialists will create the best solution for automating your packaging process.

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